29 October 2009

Space Switching - Research

I have been trying to research the different ways of achieving space switching. One of the famous auto-riggers to use is zooToolbox which was written by the legend Hamish McKenzie , which also includes a space switch feature. Upon researching this a little bit more I stumbled across DJX's blog which is written by David Johnson. He has some brilliant tutorials and information about how to use zooToolbox, and its inner workings....well worth checking out.
Another thing I came across is the discussion of scriptJobs and their advantages/flaws in relation to space switching. Scriptjobs are notorious for causing update problems during playback and I have been putting some research into how there could be a workaround. An interesting approach is for example discussed by the creator of the brilliant 'Blake Rig' and several other rigs, Jason Baskin. This involves creating extra attributes that are keyframed and therefore force the update.

11 October 2009

WIP - Procedural Rigging Clip

I just wanted to upload a small update on the improved torso rig which I created with Mel Scripting. I am now hoping to add further features.