7 December 2012

Facial Rigging -Range of MotionTest and Demo

Well i am finally getting a chance to test the rig I made. There is only very limited correctives on the rig, but am gonna keep working on it. More just a test on how much I can do with just the joint deformations.

Range of Motion Test & Demo from Angelika Aibel on Vimeo.

28 May 2012

Here is another little ROM test, this time for a couple of poses of the cheeks just to see what the poses look like in motion...Still a first draft but liking the feel of the cheek puff- need to work on the sneer though...not looking motivated enough in my opinion.

24 May 2012

Here is just a little ROM test for the eyebrows

18 May 2012

Facial Rigging Progress

Well I got the placement of the joints done and have done my first pass of initial skinning. I only have a still image atm but hopefully will get a chance to do a ROM video soon!

1 May 2012

Facial Rigging

After doing more generalist work, I found that I had to get some rigging in again as I missed it so much. So I recently started looking into facial rigging again as I have started a course on it, and I am loving it. You can learn so much by just looking at different poses in animation and try and figure out what kind of controls would have had to be in the rig for the animator to achieve that pose.