4 March 2015

Latest Showreel (2015)

Showreel of rigging and tool development (2015) breakdown

00:02 - 00:27 CG Workshop Face Rig: Rigging Only
00:27 - 00:47 One Per Person (Traceback Studios)
Additional Rig Controls for girl's eyes to aid shaping of eyelids. Additional Rig Controls to
feather rig on hat to fix double transformations. Additional fixes to eyeballs to aid automatic
scaling fix when blinking to avoid interpenetrations.
00:47 - 01:11 Little Bridge - Face Rigging Tool
Face Rigging used for multiple characters. Poses can be copied across characters to aid quick rigging (Copyright © Little Bridge World Ltd)
01:11 - 01:31 Little Bridge - Rendering Tool
Scripted in Mel-Tool used to streamline rendering of assets for Avatar System in Flash
(Copyright © Little Bridge World Ltd)
01:31 - 02:03 Personal Project - Belt Tool Rig Tool written in Mel

Showreel from Angelika Aibel on Vimeo.