30 July 2013

Rigging & Tool Showreel

In a previous blogpost I was talking about some of the work I have been doing with tool development but I wanted to also show it in a bit more detail. Here is my new showreel of some of the stuff I have been working on and some personal projects. The reel breakdown is as follows:

00:04 - 00:28 -> Face Rig: Rigging Only. Model etc. provided by Judd Simantov.

00:29 - 00:54 -> Avatar System: Writing Mel tools to streamline pipeline for use in Flash and responsible for integration to Unity. Expanding existing rig. Creation of lowpoly assets as part of a team.

00:55 - 01:05 -> Rendering Tool: Mel-Tool used to streamline rendering of assets for Avatar System in Flash (more in previous blogpost)

01:06 - 01:35 -> Biped Auto- Rigger: Written in Mel featuring dynamic parenting, FK/IK arms and FK/IK  stretchy spine.

01:36 - 02:30 -> Belt Tool & Rig: Tool written in Mel, mentored by Martin Parsons as part of the Move on Up Scheme I was part of.


Showreel 2013 from Angelika Aibel on Vimeo.

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